Song Focus: Shadow On The Sun

Introducing the second track on Hypnotise!!

Shadow on the sun is a song I wrote about the way the media have been reporting atrocities around the world since news has become accessible  24 hours  a day and especially on the internet. I wrote the song after hearing about a train crash in Germany where reporters where effectively stood outside the hospital to be the first to report a change in the death toll... it struck me that without them realising it, they were effectively waiting for people to die to win a competition against other channels. It brought to my attention how badly we have become desensitised and that we need to live another way.

The title of the song refers to a uk newspaper who has been particularly responsible for publishing inaccurate and highly distasteful headlines and the song fits this playlist perfectly as that type of media is the greatest evil we are facing today as it stirs up hatred.

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