Radio Road Trip

With my 30th birthday rapidly approaching, I have been as busy as ever!!

After finishing my day job for the month, I was straight in the studio on Wednesday to record a new track! The song "Far Above" was written earlier in the year and was very much influenced by moving house and finding a place of peace in my new garden!


I was really excited to get back into the studio and work with HeyGamal again as however much I can enjoy and appreciate what I have already created, I am always writing and generally feel most at home when I am recording!

As it had been a while, we went into the session planning to do a couple of tracks but that turned out to be wildly optimistic in what I can only describe as a sauna! Three blokes recording in a room with the windows closed and loads of gear does not make for a pretty picture and I think we were all frazzled by the end of the day!! Still, the final result is a bit special...

I will be recording as I write throughout the year and when I have an album, I will be sure to let you all know!


Straight from the studio, I allowed myself a brief sleep then off to London! My dad (John Reed) kindly agreed to share the driving so we set off bright and early to make the long journey down to East Grinstead to play on Dave Roberts 'Music For Grown Ups' show!

We knew we would be very early so spent much of the day exploring the local area before getting to the station in the early evening.... to enjoy another rather warm room with 3 blokes in!! I should really make a vow to not make any music in summer...


The show itself is run by Dave Roberts who is very knowledgeable on his music and regularly plays unsigned artists which is really refreshing to see! He has played a few of my songs before but this time, I was coming down to play live and to be interviewed live on air for the first time!

What should have been quite a stressful situation turned into an enjoyable chat with a thoroughly nice bloke and I would definitely recommend for anyone to listen to Meridian 107fm in Thursday nights...

Road Trip

I am writing this in the car on the M25  as I get to have a bit of a rest now... probably for the best... first thing tomorrow, I will be driving up to highland Scotland for my birthday and a well earned "rest"!

Keep an eye out for me on top of a mountain or singing to the highland cattle!

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