Coming Home

With all the music I am writing at the moment and with the release of Hypnotise, it is easy to forget that I have another body of work all but ready to go! I may be biased because I wrote it but believe in these songs and some are among the best I have written!
Whilst I don't want to overload the internet with my music all at once, I have not given up on this project and am very excited to show it to you!
With that in mind, we are currently working on a music video for the title track Coming Home (which I can promise is a bit of an epic!)
The concept was based on an idea that sprang from a BBQ in my backyard... For my 30th, my sister (Black Fox Metalcraft) created a fire pit designed with each panel to represent an element of Scotland! Whilst I knew already how special this piece is when it is lit, it was purely by chance that when it was put in a corner towards my back wall that we realised the light from the fire pit was projecting the images against the wall...
Naturally, my imagination started to run away with me and I involved two very talented friends who have also got carried away with ideas! Shooting will begin in the next few weeks and I have every confidence we will create something very interesting, even if I have no idea how the finished piece will look!

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