Coming Home EP

Coming Home will be available on all stores from Monday!!

This was originally recorded in 2016 in my flat in Withington with Jamie Massie, a producer I have known for a long time. With a new batch of songs and a more evolved writing style, I felt like I wanted to try something different for this EP and with our shared musical influences seemed like a good place to start.

The main tracks within the EP (Vocal and Acoustic Guitar) were recorded entirely live in my front room, and by taking this approach, I feel that the performances and the emotion of the songs stands out. The majority of the EP was kept quite simple with songs like Brother and Traveller remaining almost exclusively acoustic, however the standout track "Coming Home" is more of a production, owing much of its feel to grunge bands like Soundgarden. This was also the first time I had really experimented with seeing how far I could take vocal harmonies and the result on "Time" is quite haunting and beautiful. The remaining song, Reflection features Matt Steady on Fiddle and is heavily influenced by UK folk... definitely a fun one to play live!

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