Back To Normal!

It is safe to say that it hasn’t been the best of months!!

Unfortunately, I have had to spend the last 6 weeks in hospital which has forced me to pull out of several gigs and put a hold on my video production plans...

The good news is that I am back on my feet now (mostly) and you can expect some exciting new videos in the next few months!

I have also been recording songs for a new album and although there is no planned date to finish the work by, what has come out so far is really exciting and I can’t wait to share it with you all!


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  1. Hi Duncan. It's David from the bed next door! So pleased that you finally got out of hospital. Is it all totally fixed or are you still work in progress? I'm going back this Wednesday hopefully to have this damn cast removed and a moon boot fitted. I'm getting quite good at the crutches now. I think trying them out on you hours after an op with assorted drugs still in your system is a tall order. I found some of your music and liked it a lot. Take care.
    • John Reed
      Hi Davidfromthebednextdoor! I'm still a work in progress but its great to be out! I hope you enjoy the boot... Takes a bit of getting used to but is easy enough to manage! Thanks for listening - I'm glad you like the music! Take care and I hope you can get to Barcelona soon! Duncan
      • I'm very much work in progress. The boot is easier and definitely cooler than the cast. Muscles in bad leg are wasting away but the good news is that, with the crutches, the guns are coming along well! As I write I'm listening to it all kicking off in Barcelona so will have to see how it all pans out. When you (and I) are back on our feet properly am looking forward to coming to see you perform. Will bring buds!

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