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Coming Home

With all the music I am writing at the moment and with the release of Hypnotise, it is easy to forget that I have another body of work all but ready to go! I may be biased because I wrote it but believe in these songs and some are among the best I have written!…
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Blink of an Eye

As I wait to board a flight to Norway, it is finally time to reflect on what has been an extremely busy summer! My last update covered my 30th birthday and the recording of further music towards a new album which will most likely be out towards the end of 2018... It is exciting to…
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Radio Road Trip

With my 30th birthday rapidly approaching, I have been as busy as ever!! After finishing my day job for the month, I was straight in the studio on Wednesday to record a new track! The song "Far Above" was written earlier in the year and was very much influenced by moving house and finding a…
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Song Focus: Shadow On The Sun

Introducing the second track on Hypnotise!! Shadow on the sun is a song I wrote about the way the media have been reporting atrocities around the world since news has become accessible  24 hours  a day and especially on the internet. I wrote the song after hearing about a train crash in Germany where…
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