Three Men, A Big Hill…

Three Men, A Big Hill and Some Camera Equipment

I had never made a music video before and cannot claim to be any kind of expert... However, the experience I have had during the creation of Hypnotise was amazing and I am now completely hooked!

The idea behind the video for hypnotise was quite simple. The song itself discusses the change of light as one of its main themes and the video was designed to reflect that. The idea to start out with some quite dark shots and move towards the brighter daylight you see at the ending was in line with the general feel of the song and the most dramatic shots are saved until the crescendo for the maximum effect!

With an idea firmly in mind, we began to collect the shots we would need for cutaways with a plan to complete the playing shots last. The filming itself was completed in a variety of locations, all across Manchester ranging from the local water park, the M60, the Bridgwater canal and a hill where we would be able to see the city of Manchester...

In choosing the location of the hill, we had a couple of problems initially as some of the front runners, despite commanding stunning views over the city, were facing away from the sun. As we had decided that morning would be best to shoot due to a lack of people, this presented problems and the final location, Werneth Low was only discovered the night before after frantic googling by my mum!

The second we saw pictures of the location, we were sold and despite the day of the shoot being overcast (and therefore negating the reason we found the spot in the first place), the filming went incredibly smoothly! The day started cold and wet and there was a concern that the rain would ruin the original concept. However, due to a stroke of luck, it had been doing more than rain on the higher ground and there was a blanket of undisturbed snow to play with!

Instantly springing into action, the three of us all set about filming and photographing the incredible city scape of the lights of Manchester in contrast to the fresh snow and a huge amount of footage was taken over what can't have been more than half an hour! Admittedly, my bare hands felt like it was more like a decade in the Antarctic, but we must all suffer for our art!

With all the cutaway filming completed, we just needed the playing shots to form the backbone of the video, and these were shot at Blueprint Studios in Manchester. We stayed fairly true to the original concept of filming in a darkened room but the use of green screen, iPhone torches and Ali as the human smoke/vape machine took the idea so much further and produced some great shots.

The editing was surprisingly smooth considering the ideas we had for the video and I can only put that down to the quality and variety of the footage we took and Ali's seemingly inconceivable ability to see the whole video before it is done! In the end, it only took 2 sessions and the majority of the time was waiting for rendering!

The finished video for "Hypnotise" is currently available to view on the link below and is the first single and title track from my upcoming album. 

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