It was strange to bring in the new year without any real plan and no idea of when I would be back on my feet! I have felt in limbo for quite a while since a hospital stay around 6 months ago and although I have been fairly quiet on here, I have still been fairly productive!



I am writing after my first gig since last summer supporting a really excellent blues musician called Half Dead Clatch at Fuel in Withington. Despite a lot of nerves about how I would feel being back on stage after such a long absence, as soon as I strummed the opening chords to "The Tides" I felt completely at home again and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my performance!

Setting up...

I am certain to have a few more gigs coming up in the next few months and there may be a few interesting collaborations on the way as well.. watch this space!



I have also been busy recording and have surprised myself at how many songs I have been writing. At the time of writing, I have recorded 8 songs towards a new album (as yet untitled) and although the production is to the same value as hypnotise, I feel that the songs are more mature and the working relationship we have developed has evolved to the point where we are very naturally creating a new sound, which I am very excited to share with you! There is no real end date for the project and I am taking my time to make sure that any new songs will fit with the dynamic of the album but I suspect that towards the end of the year, I will have an update on this!

Recording guitars in the studio



As the weather (and my foot) improves, I will be spending much of the year out and about filming with a view to creating a few more music videos! From the previous experiences I have had, it is a process I enjoy and I have a few ideas to put into play already...

Intro sequence to my last video for "Coming Home"


Coming Home EP

Finally, at long last, I will be releasing the Coming Home Ep in March! I am in the process of finalising artwork for the piece and after much thought about what to do with the material, I have decided that it is simply too good to not share with the world and I will be planning an online only release shortly.

The EP was recorded "live" in the studio (my flat), with all the main guitar and vocal tracks completed in one performance. The EP was produced by Jamie Massie - a good friend who probably now hates me as he spent countless hours working with the performance to build up the tracks without the aid of a click track... my bad!

Coming Home

Although different in production style to Hypnotise, the songs on the EP are really strong and I would particularly recommend listening out for "Time" and the title track "Coming Home" which can be found on the link below:


So - exciting times are ahead and I hope to write to you soon with more news!


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